Gorton Meadows

Gorton Meadows Summer Trees Patch Gorton Manchester

Located on Gorton Lane and Taylor Street, Gorton Meadows features a varied host of wildflowers and tree species, combining to create a peaceful green space in the middle of an urban area. Home to several birds nests, the lush space has remained a wildlife refuge for centuries, as evident on 1845 map of the area when it was part of meadows at Gorton Field Cottage, and even in the 1900s when the local Beyer Peacock’s Gorton Foundry was at its height of production.

Gorton Meadows Path Gorton ManchesterGorton Meadows Gorton Lane ManchesterGorton Meadows Summer Pink Tree Blossom ManchesterGorton Meadows Pink Blossom Manchester

Today the green space includes footpaths, and a playground accessible at every hour, and is a popular spot for local workers’ lunch breaks and dog walkers. However, the multi-acre space is under threat from urban development, as Manchester City Council have earmarked the space for the construction of over 100 houses in a local residential boom. Local residents have petitioned against the plan with the support of the Woodland Trust and await a decision.

Gorton Meadows Summer Multicoloured Trees


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